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Alfred and Hélène Jacobsson

Alfred and Hélène on the occasion of their golden anniversary 1927

Hélène (1854–1928) and Alfred (1841–1931) Jacobsson were a typical bourgeois Turku couple during their lifetime. Hélène was brought up in a wealthy family, she was the daughter of consul Alexander Adolf Kumlin and Maria Charlotta Kumlin, née Kingelin. Alfred was the son of Charlotta Albertina Myrberg and Johan Jacobsson, a captain in the merchant navy. Alfred was a successful businessman and was actively involved in several companies, among them for instance iron industries, beer factories, steamship companies, banks and insurance companies. The Jacobssons were also involved in founding the Åbo Akademi University Foundation in 1917. Hélène and Alfred were married in 1877. The couple adopted a daughter called Kerstin from Sweden in 1891.